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Signify Lights up World Flora Expo and Builds Smart Streetlight System in Taichung, Taiwan

Signify Lights up World Flora Expo and Builds Smart Streetlight System in Taichung, Taiwan

November.5, 2018 - 17:33 — YiningChen 252 pageviews

The 2018 World Flora Exposition opened on November 3rd in Taichung, Taiwan. Signify has provided its lighting service to the pavilion of the Netherlands and helped to build the main installation art of the exposition. The company has also worked with the city of Taichung to set up LED streetlights with smart systems.

(Image: Signify)

With an emphasis on sustainability and circular life style, the exposition has applied different methods to improve the efficiency of energy use. The Netherlands’ pavilion is a good example. The pavilion is constructed as a circular architecture whose building materials can all be reused once the expo finishes and the pavilion dismantles. Meanwhile, Signify has provided “lighting as a service” for the pavilion to light up the building with its Hue series while offering its LED streetlights for the parking areas in the exposition.
The large installation “The Sound of Blossoming” at the exposition utilized 6,800 units of Signify’s iColor Flex LMX gen 2 to mimic the blooming of flowers with the combination of lighting and mechanical design.

(Image: Signify)

Aside from the exposition, Signify has also cooperated with various public and private sectors in Taiwan for smart city applications. The company worked with several districts in the city of Taichung in 2016 to install more than 12,000 LED streetlights with a smart managing system integrating cloud data to save up to 70 percent of energy. Furthermore, Signify signed a seven-year contract with Tunghai University in Taichung, Taiwan, to provide its lighting services which include design, construction, maintenance and management. The holistic lighting service is expected to reduce energy cost by 60 percent.



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